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Appointment Application
Arborist License

Auctioneer License
Beer & Wine License – Initial
Beer & Wine License – Renewal
Building-Electrician-Plumber-Gas Fitter Contractor License

Dance Permit Application
Street Dances -Live bands (Indoor-Outdoor) are not recommended at this time, refer to ND Smart Restart Large Gatherings Protocol.
Please visit –¬†

Employment Application
Excavator License
Fireworks Permit
Going Out of Business License
Housemover License
Junk Dealer License
LARGE GATHERING EVENT Application-Covid Emergency Planning
Liquor License – Initial
Liquor License – Renewal
Liquor Permit – Special Designated Premises
Liquor Permit-St. Patricks Day Run
Mobile Home Park License
Outdoor Dining Area/Outdoor Merchandising Area Permit on Right-of-Way
Pawn Broker License
Radio Antenna License
Raffle Permit
Renaissance Zone Information & Application
Street Closing Permit
Street Vendor Permit – St.Patrick’s Day
Taxicab License – (BUSINESS)

Taxicab License – (DRIVERS)
Taxicab License – TEMPORARY
Tobacco Products License
Transient Merchant Permit
Vacation of Street, Alley or Right-of-Way Request Form
Wastewater Treatment Facility Disposal Permit

Jamestown Police Department

Request For Police Report

Building, Planning & Zoning

Application for Approval of Subdivision (Plat) Revised 06-04-2018

Application for Zoning Map Amendment (Zone Change)

Application for Land Use Amendment

Application for Special Use Permit

Application for Background Investigation – Compassion Center

Application for Special Use Permit-Compassion Center-Revised 10072019

Application & Instruction Sheet – Contractors’ License
Building Permit Application
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Exterior Substandard Structure Complaint Form
When Professional Design Is Required For New Buildings
Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements
Minimum Standards For Architectural Code Review
Landscape Requirements РOrdinance