Administration & Finance

The City Administrator is responsible for insuring that the plans and priorities of the City Council are carried out by City staff. The position is the leading authority to ensure the provision of effective municipal services through the coordination and direction of all City finance and personnel activities. The City Administrator oversees the day to day functions of the City and coordinates all City departments.

The City Administrator reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.

The City Administrator serves in the following capacities:

The Administration & Finance Department provides a broad range of administrative, management and financial services to other City departments as directed by the City Council.

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • City Auditor

Duties and responsibilities of the City Administrator include:

  • Presenting information and recommendations to enable the City Council to make decisions on matters of policy
  • Representing the City Council in public meetings and before the State Legislature and other elected bodies and boards when requested
  • Maintaining a sound fiscal position for the City through the preparation of the annual budget, financial reporting, treasury and cash management, debt administration, accounting, utility billing, special assessments administration, risk management, pensions, business and occupational licensing, permits and record management
  • Responding promptly and positively to all inquiries and requests of citizens
  • Disseminating public information and media information regarding City activities

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the City Council meet?

The City Council meets the first Monday of each month. If it happens to be a holiday, then on Tuesday, the day after. Special City Council meetings may be called as needed.

When and where are City Committee meetings held?

City Committee meetings are held at City hall on the Tuesday and Thursday two weeks preceding the City Council meeting held on the first Monday of each month. The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of each month.

Are city council and city committee agendas and minutes available online?

Yes, using the menu at the top of this page navigate to Government, then Minutes & Agendas.

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Yes, using the menu at the top of this page navigate to How Do I?, Apply For, Permit / License.

Are door to door sales allowed in residential areas?

Door to door sales are allowed in residential areas, but prior to selling, individual(s) must obtain a transient merchant permit from City Hall.

How can we close a street for a neighborhood gathering?

To temporarily close off a street for an event, a street closing application would need to be submitted to City Hall no later than one month prior to the event.