Vector Control

Welcome to the Vector Control Department for the City of Jamestown. The program is funded by a $1.00 fee on Jamestown resident’s monthly utility bill.


What is Vector Control?
The purpose of Vector Control Program is to control the mosquito population and other vectors as needed in and around the City of Jamestown.
Realistically, it is not possible to kill every mosquito in the City, but certain techniques can substantially decrease their population size. Two techniques used to decrease the population are larvaciding and adulticiding.

1. Larvacinding is started in the spring when temperatures start warming and ponds, ditches, and sloughs thaw. Briquettes are put into the standing water to prevent larva from becoming adult mosquitos. Mosquitos can lay 100-300 eggs at a time, in as little water as a pop bottle cap. The warmer the temperatures get, the quicker they hatch. Lavaciding is an important first step in controlling the mosquito populations.

2. Adulticiding is the process of fogging to kill adult mosquitos. The truck-mounted foggers allow up to 300 feet coverage from the truck. It provides immediate knock down of adult mosquitos flying in the vicinity. You can see an 80% reduction the following evening.


Vector Management
A successful mosquito management program consists of four (4) major steps. Public awareness, surveillance, implementation of management techniques, and program evaluation.
You, as a citizen or business, can help by eliminating any standing water in your yard and on or around your house or business, garbage receptacle, or property nearby. This could include trays under planters, rain barrels, wheel barrels, toys, open grills, playgrounds, empty containers, tires, full house gutters, downspouts and other items that hold water. Keeping your lawn mowed also helps.


Vector News
In 2020, the City began using aerial spraying program to reduce the mosquito population more effectively in and around the City of Jamestown. If you have an unusually high number of mosquitos in your neighborhood, text or call the Vector Control Department at 701-320-5503, or send an email to