Vector Control

The City of Jamestown Vector Control Department is a relatively new department.  While other cities have had this kind of program for years, Jamestown just started their Vector Control Department in the summer of 1999.  It is funded on a $1.00 tax on Jamestown’s monthly utility bill.

What is Vector Control?

The purpose of the vector control program is to control the mosquito population in and around the city of Jamestown.  Realistically, we can not kill every mosquito in Jamestown, but we can apply certain techniques to at least substantially decrease their numbers.  This is done by two different techniques, known as larvaciding  and adulticiding.

Effective mosquito management requires a well-planned program.  Such programs often are expensive, complex, and require the cooperation of individual homeowners, industry and agriculture groups, and local and state governments.   A mosquito management program may be justified when it can be demonstrated that mosquito annoyance prevents the reasonable use of yards, gardens, and parks, or when mosquito populations pose health problems beyond the reasonable control of individual property owners.  A successful mosquito management program consists of four major steps: public awareness, surveillance, implementation of management techniques, and program evaluation.