The City of Jamestown Street Shop is located at 303 18th St SW, Jamestown.

Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


The City Street Foreman and the Street Department personnel repair, maintain, clean and remove snow from City streets and maintain City alleys. This includes the cleaning and general maintenance of the City storm sewer and storm sewer inlets. They also perform support services for other Public Works Departments as well as supporting local snow removal and Right-Of-Way (R-O-W) mowing and maintenance.


Removal of Leaves from Residential & Commercial Properties

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For a seasonal breakdown of tasks performed by the department please click on a heading below.

Winter Season
Tree trimming along streets, avenues and alleys where branches or shrubbery hang into the driving lanes or alleys.

We remove snow from sidewalks at the following locations:

  • Adjacent to city parking lots
  • Mill Hill south to the City Limits
  • 8th St & Hwy 20 NE to 6th Ave NE & Hwy 20 NE
  • All vehicular bridges within the City

Residents’ are responsible for snow removal of sidewalks on their property.

Streets, avenues and sidewalks are sanded with washed and screened sand that meets City specifications mixed with rock salt. City of Jamestown Law Enforcement may request sanding in specific areas.  Public inquiries relating to street sanding should be directed to the Law Enforcement Center.

The Sanitation Department is in charge of  snow removal in the alleyways. You can reach the Sanitation Department at (701) 252-5223 or via e-mail at

Spring Season
The street sweeping program starts as soon as weather permits. The heavily sanded areas are swept first along with the previous year’s paving district area.  The Downtown area gets swept every Friday and residential areas are done on a rotating basis. There will be Public Service Announcements posted when sweeping is being planned downtown, weather permitting.

Catch basins and culverts are steamed out as weather dictates along with late snow removal for proper drainage of streets and avenues.

The unused portion of sand and salt used for the winter season is hauled out to storage until the next season.

Pot hole patching is done with cold mix begins until the hot mix plant opens.  Then, the hot mix is used to repair streets where water main breaks and any other winter street damage may have occurred.

Mowing of large city owned lots and ditches begin as the weather allows and continues until the freeze up. This is done by the Forestry Department. The Street Department will help as able.

Parks and Recreation will take care of their properties. You can contact their office at 701-252-3982.

Residential Citywide Cleanup is scheduled for the second week of May annually. The Street Department and Sanitation Departments help with this as well as some from other City departments and some volunteers. You can see what is allowed for pickup and where to take items that are not collected on the Sanitation and Solid Waste Department’s page.

Summer Season
The department has two street sweepers, one takes the NE and the NW areas and the other sweeps the SE and SW areas.  Every Friday morning, as weather allows, one sweeper comes in around 4:00 a.m. to sweep the downtown area and other high traffic areas.

All the city alleys are bladed in the spring when they dry out from the winter season.  During the summer, the alleyways are bladed and graveled as needed. Requests for alleys to be bladed or potholes needing to be filled, call City Hall at 252-5900 and they will get the message to the Street Department.

Gravel roads within the city are maintained similar to the alleys.  The use of ground asphalt is used to help control dust problems.

The Street Department assists other Departments by hauling cover materials to the Landfill, handling traffic control for the Fire and Police Departments, removing dead animals for the Animal Control Department and removing dead trees and branches for the Forestry Department.

As the fall season approaches, the sweepers pick up leaves and the equipment is serviced and repaired to gear up for the winter season.

The Sign Department is part of the Street Department and is responsible for maintaining street lights, traffic signals, street striping, curb painting, traffic control for special events, and most of the city signage.  The banners downtown and the Christmas decorations are also taken care of by the Sign Department.

To report street light outage, please call City Hall at 252-5900 and give the location of the light. The Street Department changes the bulbs of the metal poles. If the light pole is wood, this belongs to Otter Tail and they take care of these.

If there is a wire break, it is reported to Otter Tail Power Company for repairs, this can sometimes take longer to repair.