Storm Water Management

Mission Statement

The City of Jamestown Engineering Department Storm Water Management goal is to reduce the total amount of sediment and pollutants within the City’s stormwater sewer systems and open water ways that drain into the Pipestem and James River system. Management of storm water will have a direct influence on our natural environment.

Federal and State Regulations

A 1987 amendment to the Federal Clean Water Act Phase II was broadened to include small construction sites, 11 categories of industrial facilities, and metropolitan municipalities (populations less the 100,000) that were temporarily exempt. In 2007, the City of Jamestown, by regulation of the City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) permit, enacted Ordinance No. 1314 Chapter 31 of the Code of the City of Jamestown Pertaining to Storm Water Management.

Storm Water Management Ordinance

Ordinance #1314


Removal of Leaves from Residential & Commercial Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

What is storm water?

Storm water is water drainage that comes from rain, snow-melt and surface runoff.

Why is storm water management important?

Storm Water Management is important to help keep our rivers (James and Pipestem) clean. By managing the Storm water we are helping keep our rivers clean for us and for residents and communities downstream.

How can I help keep our rivers cleaner?

  • If you own a car, maintain it properly so it doesn’t leak oil or other fluids. Be sure to wash it on the grass or at a car wash so the dirt and soap do not flow down the driveway and into the nearby storm drains.
  • If you own a yard or take care of other people’s yards, do not over fertilize your grass. Never apply fertilizer or pesticides before a heavy rain. If fertilizer falls into the driveways, sidewalks or streets it should be swept up instead of hosing it away. Mulch leaves and grass clippings and do not place leaves and grass clippings on driveways, sidewalks or in the street.
  • If you are a pet owner, the waste should be picked up and disposed of in the garbage.
  • Never put anything (garbage or other materials) in a storm drain. Storm drains are direct routes to the Rivers.
  • Become part of or start an organization to help clean up the City in order to help reduce the amount of trash and debris that may work its’ way to the River systems.

What is required before building on any land in the City of Jamestown or One Mile Extraterritorial Jurisdictions?

If you are building a fence, deck, shed or an addition of any sort to your home or garage, contact the Inspection Department located at City Hall (102 3rd Ave SE) (701) 252-5900 and request a building permit and an application for storm water management. The Office of the City Engineer and the Building Inspection office will review your request to determine how your project will affect storm water runoff. Some projects required storm water management and a large scale management plan. Others may only require protecting a small area where construction sediment and debris must be controlled. All construction sites must have some form of storm water control.

Who has authority to control and protect storm water in the City of Jamestown and the surrounding area?

The City of Jamestown, North Dakota Health Department, The Environmental Protection Agency, Townships, and The Stutsman County Water Resource Board oversee storm water management in and around Jamestown.