Sanitation & Solid Waste

The Sanitation Department is located at 3020 18th St SE, Jamestown. The baling facility is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM as well as Saturday from 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM.

No unauthorized disposal, trespassing, scavenging, vandalism, littering, burning, hunting or disposal of prohibited wastes is allowed. Prohibited wastes includes unrinsed pesticide containers, lead acid batteries, waste oil, sludges, manure, septic tank pumpings, infectious wastes, ignitables (solvents, paints, fuel) and corrosives (acids, alkalines, reactives).

The department has a full line of containers for residential, commercial and construction needs. Call (701) 252-5223 for further information.


Garbage – $78.50/ton
Construction Materials – $48.00/ton
Mixed Loads – $127.00/ton
Auto Tires – $4.75/each
Truck Tires – $9.30/each
Tractor Tires – $24.30/each

Tractor Tracks: $127.35-Small, $191.00-Midsize, $254.70-Large

Fluorescent and Mercury vapor bulbs – $1.60 each
Asbestos – $15.00/35 gallon bag.  Note: Manifest is needed for asbestos.

All loads not properly secured or tarped are charged double the tipping fee. Random waste screening is practiced at this site, you will be required to participate. While at the facility all children and pets must remain inside the vehicle.