Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Commission is made up of 9 members, of which two are appointed by the County Commission as non city residents but live within the one mile extraterritorial area. The remaining 7 members are selected by the Mayor of Jamestown and approved by the City Council. Terms for members are 5 years. The Planning Commission chooses a chairman and vice-chairman from within the group of 9 voting members.

The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of every month in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The members are information gatherers for the City Council with respect to new plats or replats being proposed and zoning issues that are proposing to change the zoning of an area or parcel of land, zone land being proposed to be annexed into the City and land being platted. The Commission can and will meet and decide such issues before then provided a quorum is available, which consists of a minimum of 5 members.

The final actions of the Planning Commission relative to platting or zoning will be sent to the Building, Planning and Zoning Committee of the City Council.

In addition to the 9 members on the Planning Commission Board, there is also the secretary, which is the Building Official and ex-officio members comprised of the Mayor, the City Engineer and the City Attorney.

Questions regarding Planning and/or Zoning, call the City Zoning Administrator at (701)-252-5900.


Appendix C – Zoning Regulations (Reformatted January 3, 2022)